Extensions/ Shelves / Media delivery



Our table top extensions have been carefully designed to deliver the necessary media in a convenient way. We have various configurations of electrical and other sockets, providing access to power for laboratory devices. In addition, our systems allow for the installation of other additional utilities.

Our comprehensive approach allows you to flexibly adjust the extensions and media delivery systems to your individual needs. We can configure the layout of outlets, sinks, gasses and more to meet your table media placement requirements.

Trust our experienced consultants who will help you choose the right extensions and media delivery systems to create the perfect laboratory tailored to your scope of work. We ensure the high quality, durability and safety of our products in accordance with the latest industry standards.

Optimize your lab with our lab bench tops and media delivery systems. Contact us today to start the design process and tailor your lab solutions to your job requirements.

Q-Basic level raiser

basic functionality and reliability for your laboratory bench


Q-Ideal extension level raiser

the optimal extension of the possibilities of your laboratory table


Q-Premium extension level raiser

increasing the quality and functionality of your laboratory table


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