Modern energy-saving fume cupboards of the AERO series . Thanks to innovative aerodynamic solutions and construction allow decrease costs of energy consumption and increase the comfort of work in each laboratory.

In every laboratory, where safety is a priority, innovative laboratory hoods of the AERO series will find their place. The unique design, the use of the highest quality materials and the best production standards allow us to offer a suitable, safe and modern device, and thanks to the best operating parameters, it is also environmentally friendly.

AERO series fume cupboards have an almost unlimited possibility of personalization and adaptation to the user’s needs. The well-thought-out design allows the fume cupboard to be equipped with all the functions that the customer may require and expect. Easy access to all installations and systems contained in the fume hood guarantees a collision-free possibility of their expansion at any time, and performing these activities comes down to replacing entire installation sections, without interfering with the construction of the fume hood.

Technical drawing

Choose the media that are needed in your laboratory. Valve knobs and electrical sockets facing upwards, ergonomically placed in metal installation cassettes built in panels below the fume cupboard window.

Depending on the needs, the AERO type fume cupboard can be equipped with a type of under-counter cabinet appropriately selected for the customer’s needs. Cabinets may or may not be ventilated for the storage of acids, bases or flammable substances.

Thanks to many years of development work, our company has developed a fume cupboard that is functional, reliable and economical. The reduced air flow through the chamber allows you to save electricity to a large extent. This translates into reduced costs related to the use of heating or air conditioning in rooms where extractors are used. Certified according to EN 14175


The latest version of the Q-Flow TOUCH control system together with the air flow sensor and the extended SAFETY NEVER OFF notification system offer solutions that have not been present on the market so far. Thanks to this, the level of safety and comfort of work in the laboratory has been transferred to a hitherto unexperienced area.

Thanks to the use of the highest quality certified materials and, above all, a completely fresh approach at the design stage of a new line of fume cupboards, our products remain efficient and fully functional for many years. The entire window guiding system: guides, slides, structural elements, belts and gears are hidden inside the side panels of the fume cupboard, outside the working chamber, thanks to which
they do not come into contact with aggressive substances.


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