Pol-Lab has combined its fully-featured, containment-enhancing Green Fume Hood design with Erlab’s GreenFumeHood® (GFH) Filtration Technology to deliver a multi-use fume hood that requires no ducting. Pol-Lab delivers an energy saving Filtered Fume Hood with unprecedented filtration capabilities, superior safety, and adaptability to ever-changing lab spaces.

Technical drawing
  • Safety
    Tested in accordance with: AFNOR NF X 15 211, EN 14175-3, ASHRAE 110:1995
  • Costs savings
    Eliminates air supply and extraction systems. very low energy consumption.
    Low operating costs.
    Reduced investment cost.
  • Flexible
    Standalone system, no ductwork required.
    Flexibility in lab planning.
    Easy to relocate.
  • Environmentally friendly
    No pollutants released into the atmosphere.
    Eliminates CO2 emissions linked to energy production.

The Benefits of GH Filtration Technology

Safety-driven capabilities sums up the benefits of Erlab’s GH Filtration Technology, which allows the AERO GREEN SAFETY fume hood to perform well beyond the ordinary ductless fume hood. The user’s safety is maintained because the unsafe conditions without relying on user practices or modifications.

These safeguards include: a universal filter with the ability to simultaneously retain multiple chemical types, a suite of sophisticated sensors, easy tools to monitor the real-time status of the hood, and maintenance notices. Because Erlab’s Unisorb Filters allow the simultaneous handling of solvents, acids and bases, the AERO GREEN SAFETY fume hood may be used for a broad range of general chemistry, research, and fume hood applications.

The AERO GREEN SAFETY fume hood is equipped with Erlab Neutrodine Unisorb filters.
This next generation filter is capable of unprecedented capacity and is the most comprehensive carbon filter available.
Benefit from the Erlab’s development of a unique design and science behind the new Neutrodine Unisorb filters that feature. From concept, through design, to manufacture, each Neutrodine Unisorb filter follows a specific safety protocol in ensure a superior result. Each filter is delivered with a unique quality certificate.

  • A unique carbon formula specifically created by Erlab’s scientists are capable of an unprecedented retention capacity. These improvements are impressive for molecules known as difficult to retain such as light polar VOCs (low molecular weight/ low boiling point, e.g ethanol, acetone, diethylether).
  • Elimination of desorption risk is mitigated by the unique structure of the carbon granules.
  • Utilizes multiple layers of technology designed by Erlab to transform molecules, allowing the simultaneous adsorption of solvents, acids, and bases: in Organic, Inorganic, Analytical, Physical, and General Chemistry labs.
  • Designed with a unique filter cartridge that prevents carbon shifting and channeling which significantly enhances the efficiency of the filter.
  • The high retention capacity provides the highest level of safety as well as operating cost savings.
  • For applications that use ammonia, an additional layer can be added.

A suite of sensors ensures real time safety by:
Detecting primary filter breakthrough of solvent, acid, & formaldehyde vapors.
– A proof of the optimal air quality at the exhaust of the filter.
Monitoring air face velocity.
– to ensure an optimal containment.
Monitoring sash position.
– to respect good lab practices.
Notification of fan failure.
Monitoring humidity and temperature.
– to guarantee a max. efficiency of your filtration unit and  alert you in case of unusual environmental conditions.

Audio/visual alarms alert you to filter breakthrough, fan failure, high sash position and high temperature (which could indicate fire).

Intelligent plug and play technology record the serial number, life cycle of the filter, and status (primary or secondary) of the filter to provide real-time information and prevent saturated filter re-installation.


Erlab’s Smart Command puts control at your fingertips.

The compact, simple touchpad keeps the user informed that the hood is running safely and is at optimum performance.

To view the status of the hood, change settings, or view / download the history simply access via Bluetooth, WiFi, or Ethernet.


The Neutrodine filters were tested in accordance with AFNOR NFX 15-211. During the tests, the filters outperformed any carbon filter on the market.



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