Fumehood DMS-12.00 NS R

Fume hood adapted for disabled people with electrically adjustable top height

DMS fume hoods are used to protect laboratory personnel against toxic or foul-smelling fumes, gases and ashes that arise when working with aggressive and corrosive substances, with the exception of explosive substances, i.e. ether with hydrogen fluoride or hydrogen silicon compounds. Additionally, they are designed to facilitate the work of users with disabilities.

DMS fume hoods are made entirely of powder-coated steel.

The extraction system is always made entirely of powder-coated steel, placed in the upper part of the working chamber and equipped with perforation on the rear wall to ensure uniform air flow throughout the chamber.

The fume hood is not standardly equipped with sinks and taps, but can be optionally equipped with them. All necessary utilities should be installed on a supporting frame or on a table under the chamber.

As standard, the window and frame are electrically raised.


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