Laboratory glass dryer QSL-2

Hot air dryer type QSL-2 is a laboratory device designed for drying laboratory glassware. The compact and simple design allows for quick drying of a large amount of laboratory glassware, saving waiting time for this process. The device is equipped with stub pipes of various diameters, enabling drying of many types and sizes of laboratory glassware.

The glass dryer allows you to dry 56 pieces of various types of glass at the same time: flasks, pipettes, beakers, test tubes, etc. The device is equipped with 24 connectors with a diameter of 16 mm (for larger vessels) and 16 connectors with a diameter of 12 and 14 mm (for smaller vessels). vessels) through which air is blown. Outlet pipes made of acid-resistant steel prevent corrosion and undesirable effects of most chemical agents.

The front control panel is equipped with a regulator that allows you to set the temperature of the supplied air and the working time.

The air supply fan is equipped with an air filter that is easy to dismantle and replace, which prevents the dried glass from getting dirty. This filter prevents dust and other contaminants from the environment from getting into the dried glass. Thanks to the appropriate profile of the surface of the housing, the rest of the water is drained through a hose to the sink.

QSL-2 advantages:

  • Drying time adjustment
  • Time setting range from 15 min. up to 3h (+/- 10%)
  • Drying with cold or warm air
  • Temperature adjustment in the range of 35-70 0 C (every 5 0 C)
  • Easily replaceable air filter

The device has a 24-month warranty, warranty and post-warranty service.

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