Laboratory incubators of the Q-Cell series

Q-Cell incubators are modern laboratory devices used for storage and incubation of products at a strictly defined temperature, while maintaining the highest requirements regarding its stability and homogeneity. Devices with a capacity of 45 to 1400 liters are available, as well as multi-chamber devices.

Each Q-Cell incubator is equipped with a combined cooling and heating system with forced air circulation , thanks to which they can also operate at temperatures close to and below ambient temperature. The safety of the device is ensured by alarms and electronic and electromechanical security systems, adapted to the requirements of laboratories and European standards.

The operating temperature range is +8 to +40°C as standard, with the possibility of extension to +50°C or +60°C. In INOX models, the basic range is +8°C to +60°C and on request it is possible to extend it further up to +70°C.

The Basic version has an interior made of plastic (models 45-240) or aluminum (models from 500 upwards), the INOX version has an interior made of acid-resistant stainless steel. Some devices are also available with a glazed external door, which is indicated by a “+” sign next to the version name (e.g. Basic+). All models have steel housings painted in white.

Operation of the device is facilitated by a clear, graphic LCD display and a multi-level, text menu, ensuring easy configuration of even the most advanced versions of incubators. The controller provides the ability to set and display the measured temperature with an accuracy of 0.1°C.

The built-in real-time clock with a calendar enables programming of the device’s working time in the range of 1 minute – 31 days and periodic activation of the programmable automatic defrosting system (option). The device can operate in a cycle of continuous temperature maintenance or timed operation, after which you can set the option of looping the program, stopping it, turning off the device or maintaining the last temperature until stopped by the user. Changes in the operating status and any alarms are signaled audibly.

The step-by-step version of the controller allows you to save up to 5 predefined programs and then run them easily. Each program can consist of up to 9 steps, with independently adjustable parameters of time, temperature, fan speed and lighting control or built-in 230V sockets.

The innovative function of the controller is the component control panel, showing their current status and indicating a possible blown fuse or component damage. In addition, it is also possible to view temperature statistics from the last launched program and global ones (maximum, minimum, average temperature and graph).

Alarms inform about a power failure, opening the chamber door, damage to the temperature sensor, and optionally – about exceeding the permissible deviation from the set temperature. In addition, a thermostat is installed to protect against exceeding the maximum allowable temperature.

The modern Q-Soft software is used by users to record, visualize and report the processes taking place inside the working chamber of the incubator. Ease of use and configuration thanks to features such as automatic detection of incubators connected to the computer, software in Polish and easy-to-use navigation allow you to enjoy using this tool.

Additional options:

Interior lighting
Internal sockets 230V Inspection opening Glass internal door (except Q-Cell 45)
Glazed external door (some models from 500 upwards)
Door lock Alarm of deviation from the set temperature Wheels Q-Soft software Calibration of the device in an accredited laboratory Stepper controller Photoperiod (lighting with the possibility of day and night simulation) night)


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