Q-Basic level raiser

Our Q-Basic extension level raiser is the perfect solution for those who are looking for simplicity, reliability and functionality in their laboratory. Made of aluminum covered with a chemically resistant coating, this extension ensures solidity and durability for many years of intensive use.

The Q-Basic extension level raiser column has dimensions of 80 x 80 x 800 mm, which ensures stability and confidence when using it. Thanks to this, you can focus on your laboratory work, being sure that all the necessary tools and materials are within reach.

The upper shelves are made of durable steel profiles, and the upper one is finished with 6 mm thick VSG safety glass. The shelves are 300 mm deep, giving you ample space to store and organize a variety of lab items. Steel fittings, made of closed profiles, with raised edges, ensure safety and stability of items placed on the shelf, eliminating the risk of their accidental slipping.

There are 230V electrical sockets in the Q-Basic extension level raiser columns. Thanks to them, you can safely connect and power electrical devices that are an integral part of your laboratory work.

Our Q-Basic extension offers simplicity, reliability and functionality that are essential in everyday work in the laboratory. Thanks to it, you can concentrate on research and analysis, knowing that all tools and materials are well organized and within reach. The reliability and robustness of the Q-Basic extension make it an ideal solution for various types of laboratories, ensuring efficiency and convenience in any project.


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