Q-Cell refrigerators

Q-Cell coolers are derived directly from the laboratory incubator series and are available in a similar range of sizes – from 140 to 1400 liters. The main difference is the lack of an interior heating system, which allows you to reduce costs while maintaining the highest parameters of temperature stability and uniformity guaranteed by forced air circulation.
The operating temperature range is 0 to + 15°C as standard.

The controller of the device is the same as that used in the Q-Cell series incubators – see the description on the previous pages.

As standard, Q-Cell CHL refrigerators are equipped with alarms informing about power failure, opening of the chamber door and damage to the temperature sensor. An alarm for exceeding the permissible deviation from the set temperature is available as an option.

Similarly to incubators, Q-Soft software is used for registration, visualization and reporting of processes taking place inside the working chamber of the refrigerator.

Additional options:

Interior lighting
Internal sockets 230V Inspection opening Glass internal door (except Q-Cell 45)
Glazed external door (some models from 500 upwards)
Door lock Alarm of deviation from the set temperature Wheels Q-Soft software Calibration of the device in an accredited laboratory Stepper controller Photoperiod (lighting with the possibility of day and night simulation) night)


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