Q-Cell ZN and ZNS freezers

Q-Cell laboratory freezers are divided into two series – Q-Cell ZN freestanding and ZNS chest freezers. Freestanding models offer capacities ranging from 80 – 1400 litres. Models with a capacity of less than 500 liters have a plastic interior, with drawers placed on shelves acting as an evaporator, and gravity air circulation. Models with a capacity of 500 liters and above have an aluminum (Basic version) or stainless steel (INOX version) interior and forced circulation.

Box models, thanks to their construction, guarantee minimization of temperature changes caused by opening the device. Interiors made of aluminum or stainless steel offer a capacity of 200 – 600 liters and gravity air circulation.

The operating temperature range is 0°C to -25°C for freestanding models and 0°C to -20°C for box models. The exception here is the Q-Cell 200ZNS, which allows temperatures down to -40°C.

Our freezers use a controller with the same functionality as that used in refrigerators and incubators (see description on previous pages)

Q-Cell ZN and ZNS freezers are equipped with alarms informing about power failure, chamber door opening and temperature sensor damage. An alarm for exceeding the permissible deviation from the set temperature is available as an option.

As in other devices of the Q-Cell series, the Q-Soft software can be used to supervise the freezers, used for recording, visualization and reporting of processes taking place inside the working chamber of the freezer.

ZN freestanding freezers

ZNS chest freezers


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