Q-Dynamic DSM

It is a series of fume cupboards with an all-steel structure, without the use of wood-based materials, thanks to which they can be easily adapted to the requirements regarding non-combustibility. They represent the highest global quality standard, guaranteeing unparalleled ergonomics of use and a modern look.

The Q-Dynamic series fume cupboards are available in a range of standard sizes, in versions with a top height of 900mm, with a lowered top or without a top. Glazing of the side walls of the fume cupboard is also available.

Technical drawing

A wide range of materials for the top and lining of the working chamber, a large number of additional options, or replaceable media panels are just some of the features that ensure that the fume cupboard can be adapted to the specific requirements of the user.

The slit design of the ventilation system together with the aerodynamically shaped edge of the top and side panels ensure an even flow through the working chamber and effective capture of gases, dust and vapors both lighter and heavier than air, thus guaranteeing the highest safety for the operator.


The under-counter ventilated cabinet, made of steel powder-coated with chemically resistant epoxy paint, is connected to the fume cupboard ventilation system. On request, it can be ventilated using an independent ventilation system. The cabinet provides an easily accessible, handy space for short-term storage of reagents, equipment and devices needed for work.

As in the Q-Optimal series, the standard equipment of each fume cupboard is a controller equipped with an air flow sensor, ensuring full compliance with the requirements of the EN-14175 standard. Fume cupboards are also standard equipped with two 230V sockets, a sink and two cold water spouts, controlled from the front panel.


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