Q-Ideal extension level raiser

Our Q- Ideal extension is the perfect solution that will help you make the most of the space and increase the functionality of your laboratory table. The materials used and the smart design make it the perfect extension for your laboratory.

Q- Ideal extension module has dimensions of 1027 x 150/292 x 860 mm, which provides an adequate working surface. It is made of durable aluminum profiles and a plate made of a mixture of phenolic resins, guaranteeing a solid structure and long-term durability. The height of the extension is 860 mm, and the upper shelf is height adjustable, which allows you to adjust it to your individual needs.

The space between the lower shelf and the table top has been intelligently managed. There you will find installation panels that allow easy installation of media or accessories. This significantly facilitates the organization and access to the necessary tools and equipment during work.

The top shelves are made of durable steel profiles, and their surfaces are made of 6 mm thick VSG safety glass. In addition, steel fittings with raised edges prevent items on the extension shelf from sliding off. The lower shelf can be optionally equipped with LED lighting, which further improves visibility and comfort of work.

Ideal extension has been mounted on a special, chemically resistant base made of polypropylene, which ensures durability and resistance to chemicals. In addition, the extension has been equipped with 230V sockets with protection class IP54, ensuring safe power supply for electrical devices.

Ideal extension, you can make the most of the potential of your laboratory table. Superior materials, smart features and easy setup make this extension a must-have for your lab.


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