Q-MSystem is a wireless temperature, humidity and pressure recording system, which was created to improve automatic data collection. It is used wherever constant supervision over process parameters is needed. Measurements are made with high precision and reliability using modern transducers, and then saved in non-volatile memory. When the set parameter is exceeded, it is signaled with a light or sound signal or
in the form of an SMS message sent to a mobile phone. Thanks to the use of the latest wireless communication technology in the free ISM frequency band, expensive and cumbersome wiring has become unnecessary.

  • data transfer security
  • continuous measurement independent of power interruptions or computer operation
  • trouble-free expansion of the system with additional measurement points
  • a wide range of alarms
  • user-friendly software operation
  • wireless data transmission
  • measurement of temperature, humidity and pressure

Constant monitoring of the parameters you expect Principle of operation

1. Range up to 200 meters*
2. Convenient connection via USB3. An innovative way of communication4. SMS notifications5. User-friendly software6. Temperature, humidity and pressure displayed in real time7. LEDs for various operating modes and alarms (base only)8. Storage of 85,000 measurements – base9. Storage of 50,000 measurements – module 10. Ergonomic handles

* in open space

The system consists of a central unit (Q-MSystem Base), connected directly to the computer via a cable, and a certain number of measurement modules (Q-MSystem Module) collecting data using sensors. The transmission between the modules and the base is carried out by radio.

Measurement modules (Q-MSystem Module)
LCD display showing current parameters, battery status and other messages/settings, additional internal memory for 50,000 measurements, possibility of programming temperature recording interval 1s-24 h, sound and optical alarm signaling exceeding the set value, batteries supporting operation in the event of a power failure, single-channel (one measurement point) and two-channel (two measurement points) versions.

Sensors for registering air or liquid temperature for RT1 or RT2 modules:

TC sensor – range -20 0 C to +60 0 C

TD sensor – range -100 0 C to +200 0 C

K sensor – range 0 0 C to +1200 0 C

Sensors for recording air humidity and temperature for RTH1 or RTH2 modules

HA sensor – temperature range -10 0 C to +60 0 C / humidity range 0%-100% RH

Sensors for recording humidity, temperature and air pressure for the RPTH module

HA sensor – temperature range -10 0 C to +60 0 C / humidity range 0%-100% RH / pressure range 750-1200 hPa.

The cable length of each sensor is 2 m (longer ones can be made for an additional fee).

The measurement base (Q-MSystem Base)
collects data from all modules, the basic capacity of the non-volatile memory is 85,000 measurements – it can be extended, autonomous operation, which does not require continuous operation of the computer, possibility of SMS notification about exceeding (after connecting the GSM module ), connection to a computer via USB, batteries supporting operation in the event of a power failure, diodes informing about the connection with the computer, modules and emergency operation.


The software in Polish, with an easy-to-use interface, allows you to supervise and manage the operation of the registration system.

Monitoring –
presentation of current system parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure, supply voltage, etc.), displaying summary information about measurement points where the set value has been exceeded (alarm).

to an unlimited number of computer database measurements, data archiving.

the ability to create a current and archival report in the form of a data table or chart, the ability to create a summary report from the entire system,
the ability to export data to various formats.

Configuration and parameterization
advanced system parameterization functions are available to adjust to the user’s needs. The software works in accordance with the principles of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).

Access to Q-MSystem Online (for an additional fee – Corporate license)

  • additional data registration on the web server,
  • access (24/7) to data (current and archived, tables/graphs) from any device (computer, tablet, telephone, etc.) from any place,
  • the ability to configure SMS/E-mail alerts (implemented via a web server – without the need to use your own SIM card).

Quality guarantee
For each module it is possible to obtain a calibration certificate issued by the PCA Accredited Laboratory. The product has a 24-month basic guarantee, additionally it is possible to sign extended service contracts. We also provide free post-implementation support.

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Single-channel module

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