Table top fume hood SQ-L

The table-top fume cupboard is designed to protect laboratory personnel against toxic, foul-smelling fumes, gases, dusts emitted during work with aggressive chemical substances, except for explosive substances, e.g. ether with hydrofluoride and silicofluoride compounds.

The structure of the sQ-L table-top chamber is based on a frame made of high-quality steel powder-coated with epoxy paint. Worktop made of MAX RESISTANCE phenolic resin mix. Side walls made of VSG safety glass in an anodized aluminum frame. The rear wall is made of foamed PVC with a thickness
of 20 mm.

The chamber is equipped with one fume extractor located in the ceiling of the working space, equipped with a deflector to ensure uniform air flow throughout the entire volume of the chamber.

Tabletop chemical chambers are a way to ensure maximum safety whenperforming laboratory work, with a minimum of space and resources, as well as the need for air. They will work well for less demanding work in the laboratory.

The chamber is not equipped with water or gas spouts or internal electrical sockets. All media available inside the chamber should be fixed in the countertop on which the chamber is placed. The sockets are located on a panel under the worktop or on the side panel.

The window is made in a frame painted with chemically resistant paint with a system preventing the window from falling down uncontrollably. Tempered glass in the window. Possibility to move the panes horizontally and horizontally, facilitating work and keeping the extractors clean. Sliding window by means of a counterweight guided on steel cables in a cover made of chemically resistant material.

The lighting is made in the IP44 version and is located outside the working chamber. There is a hatch in the roof, ensuring safe discharge of the shock wave in the event of an explosion in the working chamber.


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