Laboratory equipment


Laboratory incubators of the Q-Cell series

Q-Cell incubators are modern laboratory devices used for storage and incubation of products at a strictly defined temperature, while maintaining the highest requirements regarding its stability and homogeneity. Devices with a capacity of 45 to 1400 liters are available, as well as multi-chamber devices.


Q-Cell refrigerators

Q-Cell coolers are derived directly from the laboratory incubator series and are available in a similar range of sizes - from 140 to 1400 liters. The main difference is the lack of an interior heating system, which allows you to reduce costs while maintaining the highest parameters of temperature stability and uniformity guaranteed by forced air circulation.
The operating temperature range is 0 to + 15°C as standard.


Q-Cell ZN and ZNS freezers

Q-Cell laboratory freezers are divided into two series - Q-Cell ZN freestanding and ZNS chest freezers. Freestanding models offer capacities ranging from 80 - 1400 litres. Models with a capacity of less than 500 liters have a plastic interior, with drawers placed on shelves acting as an evaporator, and gravity air circulation. Models with a capacity of 500 liters and above have an aluminum (Basic version) or stainless steel (INOX version) interior and forced circulation


Q-Cell Compact Thermostatic Chambers

The modern Q-Cell Compact thermostatic chambers are a cost-effective solution for a high standard of temperature maintenance. The units are a derivative of the proven Q-Cell series chillers and warmers and use the same control algorithm, providing the unit with unparalleled flexibility in adjusting to changing environmental conditions and load volumes.



Q-MSystem is a wireless temperature, humidity and pressure recording system, which was created to improve automatic data collection. It is used wherever constant supervision over process parameters is needed. Measurements are made with high precision and reliability using modern transducers, and then saved in non-volatile memory. When the set parameter is exceeded, it is signaled with a light or sound signal or
in the form of an SMS message sent to a mobile phone. Thanks to the use of the latest wireless communication technology in the free ISM frequency band, expensive and cumbersome wiring has become unnecessary.


Laboratory glass dryer QSL-2

Hot air dryer type QSL-2 is a laboratory device designed for drying laboratory glassware. The compact and simple design allows for quick drying of a large amount of laboratory glassware, saving waiting time for this process. The device is equipped with stub pipes of various diameters, enabling drying of many types and sizes of laboratory glassware.


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